What is Mount Everest flight tour and why I suggest not to miss this when you visit Nepal?


For the traveler who is unable to make a trekking trip to the mountains either because of lack of time or physical fitness, or due to sheer want of the adventure streak, there are Mountain Flight to simulate the experience that offer a panoramic encounter with the highest peaks, spectacular views of the Himalayas from a very close range. Duringthe one hour long spectacular flight, cruising close to the awesome massive of rock and ice, the flight presents a astonishing sight. Fly to the highest peaks of the world with comfortable small plane. The Daily Mountain Flight is a dramatic experience not to be missed. The Flights operating from Kathmandu show from lofty heights the Lantang, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Shismapangma, Kanchenjunga. Yes of course includes Mt. Everest. Just to name the famous ones among the hundreds of with snow capped peaks of the Himalaya ! Book a flight straight now.


Mountain flights offer the luxurious option of a Himalayan experience. The one-hour mountain flight from Kathmandu takes one close to the highest peaks, including Mt. Everest.

During the flight,  you get to see Gosaithan (also called Shisha Pangma), Dorje Lhakpa, Phurbi Chyachu, Choba Bhamare, Gaurishanker, Melungtse, Chugimago, Numbur, Karyolung, Cho-Oyu, Gyachungkang, Pumori, Nuptse and, of course, Everest.


Mountain flights are offered by several airlines in the morning from the domestic airport in Kathmandu. Flights from Kathmandu reveal the Eastern Himalaya, while flights from Pokhara take you on a bird's eye view of the Western Himalaya.



After the one hour long flight,the airlines will give you a -CERTIFICATE - which proves you have seen the top of the world Mount Everest"



For millennia, the Himalayas have had a grip on the world's imagination. The sheer majesty and grandeur of the lofty, snow-capped mountains have inspired awe, curiosity and reverence.


Tens of thousands of visitors from the world over come to Nepal annually, as English climber George Leigh Mallory would say, because they are there. But not all who visit the Himalayan kingdom can afford the time and the stamina to be on the mountains. You can, however, afford to be with us on our exhilarating Himalayan Spectacular that shows you the mountains from the closest range possible.



Total US $ 200.00. Per Person


We pick you up at the Hotel at around 5.15 AM ( Summer ) and 6.00 AM (Winter) in the morning for Everest Mountain Flight.


Note:In case of cancellation of the flight due to weather even after boarding on the plane, we will reschedule your flight for the next morning with same company, but there will be an extra cost for the airport transfer.

In such condition, if you want to cancel the ticket, only $150.00 will be refunded to you.

How Can I Book This Everest Mountain Flight Ticket ?

Just send us an email with date and time you want the flight, we will book a seat for you. Then you have to send us payment either by Bank Wire transfer or by credit card.


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