Nepal Yoga & Meditation tour - Yoga and Meditation in Nepal

Yoga and Meditation Tour in Nepal

Namaste ! We are specialized in tour and trekking trips with YOGA, as well as in Ayurvedic and meditation retreats. These unique and personalized trips are offered in Nepal. You will experience the breath taking beauty of nature during our trips while practicing very gentle yoga in the Himalaya. You will dive deeply into the local culture, tradition, not only by visiting ancient, historical and religious sites, also by getting to know the people in the setting of their daily lives. You can leave all stress and worries behind and experience this fascinating world during a vacation for your body, soul and mind. You will travel in small groups of only about 12 people, where we will try to take care of your individual wishes and needs in a flexible way. Your guide grew up in this area, and knows it very well. He loves to introduce travelers to his unique perception and understanding of the Himalayan area, it’s people, it’s richness in culture and the traditional healing knowledge of yoga and ayurveda that has been passed down in his family for generations.


Nepal, the land of the Gods and the highest mountains is a true trekking paradise and a cornucopia for culturally interested travelers. This fascinating destination offers secluded villages and mountain sceneries in the Himalaya, abundant animal life in the vast Terai plane, and the lively cities Kathmandu and Pokhara.


Here you can explore our comprehensive selection of trips to Nepal. All of them can also be booked excluding yoga and meditation. We can of course also arrange an individualized trip tailored to your wishes.


Yoga and Meditation Tours for physical, breathing and mental exercise with spiritual. Not forgetting the natural beauty of the Himalayan countryside and its flora and fauna. You will also experience the local people's life style, culture, their religion, agriculture and way of keeping livestock, their use of fresh herbal medicine and ritual healing (Tantriksm). Yoga and meditation is an art of living, which yields peace, energy and success in its practitioners.Yoga itself is a medicine and solution to pressure, diabetes and asthma. Kathmandu Buddhist Centre holds introductory talks in Buddhism several times a week during the tourist seasons. It also conducts one-day courses in Buddhism and two-day meditation. There is an inter-relationship between yoga and meditation & you might decide to focus more on either one or both together. The Himalayas have played a big role in self realization. It's isolation from the world and ideal environment makes Nepal an ideal place to practice yoga.